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With you every step of the way

Thank you for taking the first step!  I know that small changes to unhelpful habits can make the difference. The body has an amazing ability to heal itself and to adapt. For a start your gut microbiome can change within days and this affects your hormones, immunity & mental outlook. By learning to listen to your body and agreeing what needs your immediate focus, everything is possible.

Change has been part of my life since I was 5yrs old. I have lived in 6 countries and 12 cities so far. Over that time I have experienced various life challenges: suicide, divorce, depression, obesity, cancer and loss from heart disease /alcohol abuse and with that an array of unhelpful habits and side effects.


I chose an extensive career in the corporate world and exercise became my main outlet.  Convinced I was getting the most out of each day to honour those I lost but really I had lost myself and was a “busy fool”. Working long hours including weekends, I lost contact with family and friends and my health both mental and physical suffered.  Does this sound familiar?

I made a decision to live and not merely survive.  I reflected on what I achieved, lessons learnt and chose a healthful life with direction reflective of my values and life to date. 

Now I support others do the same, to take control of their health and stress levels and live Health full lives. It is possible but support is everything and this is where I step in.

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