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What clients think...


Managing Director, International Forwarding Company (London UK)

In today’s fast paced world, the key is to keep the people who work in your business happy and healthy. We engaged Siobhan to work with us to help get a better health life balance through a Lead by Example 1on1 Program. Over 6 months, gently guiding and focusing on nutrition, health and well-being. 

This has been a great success, I can see the difference in energy, weight loss and overall wellbeing. People actually look forward to the fortnightly sessions and can see and feel for themselves the difference it has made.Siobhan is enthusiastic, encouraging and goal driven. 

From a corporate business perspective, it’s the best investment I have made! 


Marketing Executive, Individual Program (Brighton UK)

I can’t recommend Siobhan highly enough. I sought her help at a point when my lifestyle and health had been way out of balance resulting in bad sleep, lack of focus and energy and bad eating habits. Her ability to listen and read in between the lines has been invaluable to me. She takes her time to really understand you and your background so her advice is tailored to you directly. During her coaching, I have found a new career focus and drive, and her nutritional advice and knowledge helped me to find a way to a balanced healthy life again. I feel so much better and stronger just after a few weeks. 


Thank you so much Siobhan!


Director, Lead by Example Program (Hong Kong)

I am approaching late 50's, have a history of diabeties in my family and had undergone a stressful year at work.  I felt tired, swollen and destined for an unhealthy path. 

I have been working with Siobhan for 4months now and I feel like a new person.  My energy levels are high which has been great for my new position and my family, I have lost weight and started exercising again just when I can between travel.  Even better I changed the way I was eating and dont crave or miss the things I used to eat.  The word "diet" is never used with Siobhan, if anything she wants you to eat more but of the right things meaning I dont feel like I am missing out.  She explains suggestions and encourages me to be more aware of how I am feeling with different foods, sleep, exercise and water intake.

I greatly look forward to our fortnighly sessions and feel completely on track to the goals we agreed.  Having someone to support the process and work through set backs has been amazing.


Managing Director, Lead by Example Program (Ireland)

Siobhan Mchenry of Healthfullives has introduced me personally to recognising the importance of Health, Wellbeing and a balanced Personal Development.  Siobhan is both passionate and knowledgeable in her profession and I highly recommend Healthfullives coaching in opening doors to true Wellbeing. 


Business Administration,Individual Program (Hong Kong) 

I had been referred to Siobhan as I had been experiencing stomach issues and painful menstral cycles for years.  I had been tested for various things with no clear result and had a history of IBS in the family. 

I have been working with Siobhan for 3 months now and within 2 weeks I was starting to feel better.  Its amazing how simple discussion and suggestions of alterations to the way I start my day and think about fueling my body has made such a difference.  Having someone who listens and tailors suggestions to work in with me and my crazy schedule has been a blessing.  I truely look forward to slowly taking control over my health and becoming a better version of myself. 

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