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Individual & Executive Coaching

We are here for you

My passion is supporting busy people - it has been my existence for 20+yrs.

Together we create change by determining your individual health concerns, working to define what needs immediate attention, getting upfront personal commitment, setting “smart” goals and support required to ensure their implementation.


Individual & Executive Support programs range from 3 – 6 months. Please understand habits concerning your health and wellbeing take time to change, they exist due to historical behavioral, stress and emotional conditioning. How long have you been concerned about your health versus the program commitment?

Individual & Executive Support Programs:

1. Healthfullives Habit Hit - 3 month program 

2. Healthfullives Habit Change – 6 month program

If you are serious about making a change you have to be serious about dedicating time to allow habits and your attitude to them to be rewired. We allow for the occasional backwards step due to travel, unexpected work projects or family commitments but know that each step forward is taking you in your desired direction based on goals and vision agreed.

Clients who commit to 3month programs because they are cautious of 6 month commitment end up extending another 3months in any event.

At the end of these programs clients feel empowered to take accountability and responsibility for their own health and wellbeing journey.  Some stay on for reduced frequency programs in order to have a means for regular check ins and if necessary, a reboot.

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