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Everyone is thinking or talking about it - what the New Normal means, what it will look like? I say who wants to be normal anyway ..but I read something recently which for me, says it all.

Its a wonderfully written, poetic summary that I wish to share. Please take the time to enjoy and think about what resonates with you.

We are all individuals but we are all in this together. I do truly hope will come out of this and start to reclaim our health and not via the quick fixes that we have become accustomed to. The body is an amazing thing and by listening, being patient and treating it the way its designed to be treated, it will give you the health and support you deserve - normal or otherwise :)

“Over the past few weeks the world has begun to stir, ever so gently, from the depths of collective slumber.

Some of us are well-rested. We’ve reconnected with loved ones and with ourselves. We’ve baked cakes, watched our favourite movies, and laughed long into the night with our favourite people by our side. We’ll remember this time for the rest of our lives.

Others have had a turbulent night. We’ve wrestled with inner demons, battled with abusive partners, and even lost loved ones. We’ll remember this time for the rest of our lives.

And a few have had no sleep at all. We’ve donned our masks and visors and worked our fingers to the bone on the front line, desperately trying to shine a flicker of light into a world shrouded in darkness. We’ll remember this time for the rest of our lives.

Together, as we begin to rise from the longest night of our lifetime, our sleepy eyes look out onto a world that has little but a vague resemblance of the one we left behind.

It’s a mysterious landscape that is now commonly referred to as ‘The New Normal.’ But don’t be fooled by the name. The New Normal is nothing like the comforting illusion of normality that we once knew.

So what does The New Normal look like?

Well, this is the part that no one really knows…

For some The New Normal is a scary place riddled with fear and uncertainty. It’s a place to be terrified of strangers, where nothing is safe unless it is sanitised, and where the majority of your human interaction takes place behind a screen.

But for others, The New Normal is a land of opportunity.

The New Normal is a chance to re-write the rules. To reprioritise what’s important. To rebuild society with new tools of kindness, patience and understanding.

The New Normal is a world that vibrates higher than fear. It’s a world of togetherness, a world where acknowledging our individual vulnerability simultaneously unites us in a collective strength.

It’s a world where empathy and compassion are treated as superpowers. Where strangers are treated as friends. Where care workers and supermarket staff and school teachers and delivery drivers are treated as heroes.

It’s a world where our consciousness expands faster than any new technology. It’s a world where connection with each other is more important than connection to our smartphones. It’s a world where we never take our relationships for granted, and never miss an opportunity to tell someone we love and appreciate them.

It’s a world where we reclaim our health. A world where nutrition is taught at school, where doctors prescribe “real”(unprocessed) foods, vegetables, water more frequently than drugs, and where exercise breaks are a requirement in every workplace. A world where our immune systems are so strong that none of us have any need to be afraid of our humanity.

In The New Normal we live in harmony with nature. We create systems that protect our planet instead of exploiting it. We treat the mountains and oceans and forests with the same respect that we would our elders; we treat the animals and birds and insects with the same tenderness that we would our children because we understand, that on the deepest possible level, we are all one.

In The New Normal we live in harmony with each other. We build bridges instead of borders, we rejoice in our similarities and raise a glass to our differences because we understand, that on the deepest possible level, we are all one.

None of us can possibly know what The New Normal looks like. The only thing we know for certain is that we are all in this together.

But if The New Normal is truly a blank canvas, then why not use this momentous opportunity to paint? Let us not be afraid to use colours and tones and brushstrokes that have never been seen before. Will The New Normal be a creative masterpiece, or will it be shredded and forgotten on the gallery floor?

Unfortunately I don’t have the answers. I am just a humble person in an apron holding one of 8 billion paintbrushes.

The one thing I can tell you is this. We will remember this time for the rest of our lives.”

Written by Josh @vivolife

Note : whilst I use some Vivo products (some supplements, coffee, matcha and maca) I am not am ambassador or sponsored by them so this is entirely a posting off my own bat because it resonated with me.

You know I am a big supporter of UK products / companies and those who are doing the right thing by the consumer and the environment so shall say no more.

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