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Siobhan McHenry

Take control and
lead a healthful life 

Here for you.

Do you wake up tired, anxious or unhappy starting your day? Have you experienced illness or are concerned you have no control over your own health destiny?  

As a qualified Functional Medicine & Integrative Nutrition practitioner,  I believe that everyone can take control of their own wellbeing.  Whether you are seeking individual support and / or wish to lead your team through successful transition, Healthfullives have programs to support and guide you through this process.

Health Coaches address behaviour change within individuals to take control of their health and stress levels and within organisations to create an effective work environment with healthy resilient employees.

Book your FREE Individual or Corporate Health Coach Consultation now.  Discover how a Functional Medicine health coach can help you reach your full potential.

Siobhan McHenry

Your 5 step journey begins here:

✔️ One on One coaching

✔️ Help identify key goals for you

✔️ Collaborate with you on an individualised action plan

✔️ Motivate you and give you resources to stay on track

✔️ Flexible coaching sessions that fit your schedule 

Book your Free
Initial Consultation now. 

Nice to meet you!

Siobhan McHenry

Hello, thank you for visiting.  My name is Siobhan.  I am a conscious Functional Medicine Health Coach professional with high energy, a depth of wellness and corporate wellness expertise and breath of coaching experience across a number of industries.

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