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This photo was taken in Mongolia in 2018.

I don’t know about you but my social feed and inbox is full of virus updates and WFH tips, home exercise tips etc etc.

At the time of this photo I had to travel great distances and pay to escape from my stressful life, work pressure, self pressure, social pressure, comparisons, technology etc to focus on myself.... now less than 2 years later, a force bigger than all of us is insisting on it!

I know there’s a lot of other concerns around this imposed isolation e.g financial pressure, not being able to see loved ones that are at risk, not being able to work, that sense of purpose we all have, in the “normal” fashion and unlike a holiday, not knowing when we are due back !

However, I urge you to consider when you’ll be given the opportunity to stop in your tracks again? … without you having to pay for a holiday to somewhere remote. The answer is never. This time is allowing you to reassess where you are, what and who is really important, what we can control ourselves at the moment and how we would like to move forward.

So whilst it’s a uncertain time - for the sake of your own health may I beg you to consider this as an OPPORTUNITY. Even if it’s to do things around the house that you haven’t had time to do, or an opportunity to start an exercise routine, or an opportunity to cook your own meals, clean your linen cupboard, grow some veggies, take virtual tango lessons, assess your career or business path, assess your relationships or your own health - the point is, it’s an OPPORTUNITY.

The other reason I would like you to see this as an OPPORTUNITY is by doing so you are choosing to alleviate some stress from the current situation. Taking this mindset will single handedly shift you from a sympathetic (fight or flight) to a parasympathetic state (heal & get real) and thus putting your body in the best position to build your immunity and move you through this time.

The single most important thing you can do to boost your immunity is consciously (trying to see the opportunities) and actively (get cracking on that home to do list or business strategy review) trying to stay calm.

When we are anxious the sympathetic nervous system mode elevates the stress hormone cortisol and sets up a cascade of biochemical reactions which individually and collectively reduce our natural immunity. Taking a more opportunistic, calm approach activates melatonin which in turn activates our innate immune system and acts as an anti-oxidant which lowers inflammation - this is very important in the case of COVID-19.

If your still struggling with the fight / flight mode and this once in a lifetime CALM OPPORTUNITY is taking time to gain traction then here are 5 are very effective bio -hacks that will automatically put your body into a parasympathetic mode - they take little or no effort and they are FREE :

  1. Take 5 deep breath’s with a long exhale especially if you notice your mind racing, pulse rising, shoulders burning, head throbbing or tempers shortening;

  2. Avoid the constant news updates - watch the news once a day;

  3. Be grateful - there is always something to be grateful for each day;

  4. Follow government guidance on social distancing and hygiene - they exist to protect you;

  5. Eat natural foods - refer to my immunity boosters blog 2 weeks ago and embrace this time to be creative.

My last two blogs have focused on remaining calm and boosting your immunity. Please review these if you can and wake up tomorrow to the choices you have to live now.

If at any time you wish to talk about this or any of my posts please feel free to reach out - as part of the UK Health Coach Association we are more than willing to volunteer time to helping each other through this. We need each other now more than ever, please don’t be to proud to just want to talk or vent - I do.

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